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ds_tr_tsFor products which, according to the technical regulations is subject to declaration, issued a declaration of conformity.
The applicant for a declaration on TR CU should be registered as legal entity in the Republic of Belarus, Republic of Kazakhstan or the Russian Federation entity.
Declaration registered at a certification body for certification of products.
Required documents for the adoption of the declaration of conformity:
• the application for registration of the declaration of conformity;
• Protocols of product testing;
• a copy of the certificate of conformity for the production of a quality management system;
• the full name and address of the manufacturer's products;
• operational documents, technical and design documentation, information on raw materials and components;
• the contract and the invoice (with confirmation of conformity of production batches) for the supply of products oт the territory of the Customs Union;
• Declaration of the registration documents of the recipient;
• copies of previously issued documents on conformity assessment;
• copies of documents confirming the origin of the products.
Registered declaration of conformity are placed in the Unified Register of declarations of the Customs Union.
 Legal Group Bureau 24 will assist your company in obtaining of the declaration of the Customs Union.


220030, Minsk, Nezavisimosti avenue, 11\2 off. 503