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Often protracted conflict has to be resolved in a court.

Do not despair, if something goes wrong in the relationship with the counterparty or state body you could find a compromise and resolve the dispute with the best result for you.

Preparations for the trial requires a thorough analysis of your opponent's position and implications of substantive and procedural law by the court.

Preparing for trial typically includes:

- Examination of documents and preparation of the statement of claim;

- Analysis of legislation and judicial practice;

- Developing behavioral strategies;

- Analysis of the possible behavior of an opponent and development of counter-arguments;

- Preparation of alternative conflict resolution.

Intensive preparation for trial is the key to success. Trust your case to professionals of the Legal Group Bureau 24 and we’ll offer you a variety of options to resolve the situation.

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220030, Minsk, Nezavisimosti avenue, 11\2 off. 503