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Migration law

International migration is a characteristic element of globalization, which extends its influence to the Republic of Belarus. Belarus actively adopts legislation and ratifies international treaties to improve the effectiveness of migration management on its territory.

In view of a large body of legislation that governs matters related to migration, it becomes harder for foreign nationals to identify legislation relevant to their particular case. Especially, a number of difficulties can arise in the process of preparation of numerous documents necessary to legalize the status of a foreigner in Belarus. The importance of complying with the requirements in respect of documents is supplemented by meaningful penalties established under the Criminal Code and the Code on Administrative Offences of the Republic of Belarus.

All these factors highlight the need for high-quality legal services in order to avoid questions and problems. The Law Group Bureau 24 offers effective and high-quality legal support in the field of migration rights, taking into account all the legislation requirements relevant to each particular case.

Thus, we offer you comprehensive legal support on any migration issue. For example, you may be interested in:

consultation on migration policy of the Republic of Belarus;

assistance in acquiring nationality of the Republic of Belarus;

preparation and submission of documents for obtaining a temporary or permanent residence permit in the Republic of Belarus;

visa counseling;

employment assistance for foreign citizens in the Republic of Belarus;

assistance in obtaining an insurance policy;

consultation on the deportation matters and other issues related to citizenship and migration etc.

In addition, for the complete settlement of your inquiry in the field of migration law we can offer you our advice on related branches of law: labor, corporate, tax, family etc.

If you have any questions, you can always ask for help of highly qualified employees of our legal team who have extensive experience in resolving this category of cases and speak English fluently, which will greatly facilitate and speed up the process of communication.

We will help you in resolving the issues of your concern within the shortest possible period.

Working with us you get a reliable partner of a whole team of professionals.

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