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Debt collection


We are pleased to offer comprehensive legal assistance in the recovery of debts, which will help you to save your own material and human resources. We will help your to recover your debts quickly and cost-effectively and also we will help you not to spoil relations with your debtor.

Rates for debt collection are coordinated together, in the view of all wishes of our client.

We will provide full legal support debt recovery procedure, which includes the following components:

Pre-suit letter

In some cases, sending a pre-suit letter to the debtor is crucial for debt repayment.

We offer professional services in preparation of the pre-suit letter, which include:

• legal analysis of necessary documents;

• assistance in collecting the evidence essential to recover the debt;

• preparation and presentation of pre-suit letter to the debtor;

• negotiating with the debtor.

Debt collection in a fast claim procedure

If the presentation of the pre-suit letter has not returning the debt and, if there is a reason to believe that the resolution of the dispute is possible only through the court, the most effective and rapid measure is the recovery of the debt in a fast claim procedure. This is due to lower rates of state duty, as well as a reduced term of consideration of the application for issuing a court decision (no more than 20 working days from the date of receipt of the application for a fast claim procedure).

Our services of debt collection in a fast claim procedure include preparation of a package of all necessary documents to apply for a fast claim procedure.

Filling a statement of claim

The most common category of claims to economic courts - proceedings for the recovery of debt. In the preparation of the statement of claim for the recovery of debt you must comply with all requirements established by the legislation.

We offer legal assistance in participation in cases of debt recovery through the following actions:

• a preliminary study of the documents, preparation of the position of the case;

• preparation of the statement of claim;

• reasonable calculation of debt;

• preparation of applications, explanations and other documents to the court.

We will help you most effectively and in the shortest time get the court decision in your favor.

Proceedings in appelate, cassation, supervisional courts

Often there are situations when the creditor is not satisfied with the court decision and expects another decision in a higher court.

To protect your rights our legislation provides parties with the possibility to appeal the judicial acts in an appellate, cassation, supervisional courts.

The effectiveness of the appeal of the court decision depends largely on compliance with statutory requirements for the preparation of the review by higher instances.

Compliance with all the necessary rules in the preparation of appelate, cassation, supervisory review contributes to the rapid acceptance of the case for hearing by the higher court.

 We are pleased to offer you the services of legal aid in the preparation of appelate, cassation, supervisory review. In addition, you can ask us for prior consultation, which will be assessed the chances of appeal for the recovery of debt.

Debt collection in executive procedure

In some cases, the existence of a decision given in your favor, not a sign of guaranteed returning funds. Unscrupulous debtors, a large workload of bailiffs could delay recovery of debt.

We offer legal assistance in support of the executive procedure, which consists of the following:

• advising on executive procedure;

• preparation of application for starting of executive procedure;

• preparation of applications for seizure of funds in the debtor's accounts, arrest of the debtor's property and other executive measures;

• appeal of actions (inaction) of the bailiffs.

Payment of our services within the framework of enforcement proceedings depends on the size of the collected funds in your favor and saves your costs in the absence of results of our work.

We will help you to execute the decision as soon as possible.

Our services are not limited to the sphere of economic justice of the Republic of Belarus. We are also ready to offer you advice on debt recovery in international arbitration courts located in Belarus and abroad.


220030, Minsk, Nezavisimosti avenue, 11\2 off. 503