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How to open a representative office of a foreign company in Belarus?

In accordance with part 1 paragraph 1 Article 51-1 of the Civil Code, foreign companies can open their representative office in the Republic of Belarus. The legislation of Belarus regulates in detail the procedure of opening a foreign representative office. To begin with, it should be mentioned that a representative office is not a legal entity, therefore it does not have entrepreneurial independence, but only represents the interests of its head office in Belarus.

How to open a representative office

To open a representative office, a foreign organization must obtain a permit. The decision to issue a permit for opening a representative office is made by the regional executive committees and the Minsk city executive committee.

What documents and where to submit

To open a representative office, you need to submit a package of documents to the executive committee at the place of its intended location, which includes:

1) a statement of the established form.

2) a legalized extract from the commercial register of the country in which the foreign organization is established. The extract must be dated no later than three months before the day of its submission to the executive committee.

Instead, another equivalent confirmation of the legal status of the organization or governing body of the state in which the organization is established can be presented. Also, notarized copies of these documents may be submitted;

3) regulations on representation.

The regulation must be approved by the foreign organization that opens the representative office. It must contain information about the representative office:

- the purpose of the opening representative office;

- location;

- organizational structure;

- the competence of the head;

- the procedure for the termination of activities.

4) notarized powers of attorney for:

- the head of the representative office of a foreign organization;

- a person authorized to open a representative office (if there is such a person).

If you have any questions or you need our assistance in opening a representative office of your company in Belarus do not hesitate to ask us.

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